Monday, July 20, 2015

Getting Started

This is my first blog post ever! I'm sure it's going to be pretty terrible. I started posting my lesson plans to Teachers Pay Teachers last summer and noticed that the top sellers all have blogs. I have been putting off blogging all summer thinking that no one would care what I had to say, but I know that I want to share my teaching ideas and materials once school starts.
I am starting my 11th year teaching middle school English.  I have had a pretty varied career. I spent the first five years at a small town consolidated school in Nebraska teaching grades 7-9.  I moved to Colorado and spent the last five years teaching 7th grade at a Title 1 school. This year I am moving to a different district in town and will continue teaching 7th grade on an iPad team.  Every student will have their own iPad!  I have been so blessed with technology throughout my career.  I'm excited to add to my teaching repertoire.  I have so much to post on this blog in regards to my lessons and teaching!

Yay, post number one is now finished!  


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