Sunday, November 8, 2015

How I Finally Mastered Stitch Fix... I Think!

This weekend I got my seventh Fix from Stitch Fix.  I have been a subscriber for over a year, but I have taken breaks here and there.  This is my education blog, and every educator has to dress as a professional.  However, as a busy mommy I no longer have the time, nor do I get the enjoyment from wandering the mall trying to add to my professional wardrobe.  Every professional with zero time on her hands needs a Stitch Fix subscription.

I used to be a strictly Express girl.  The Editor pant was my all time favorite in fit and style.  My closet was full of editor pants in every color and button down blouses.  Over time these styles needed to be moved out of my closet because of wear and tear or weight gain with pregnancies.

I wanted to feel excited about clothes again, but didn't want to spend the day toting around a toddler trying to find new styles. Enter Stitch Fix!  If you haven't heard of it, (how is that possible?) it is a mail subscription company that will send you five pieces of clothing with each Fix.  Keep what you want and send the rest back in the provided envelope.  Keep it all and get 25% off your whole box.

It's been hit and miss until recently.  Here's the rundown of how my experiences have gone:
Fix 1 - July 2014 - I was so, so excited to get this box, then I found out two days before receiving it that I was pregnant with baby #2.  I loved this whole box, but found the dresses to be too pricey considering they were already fitting tightly in the belly area.  I kept two tops and sent the rest back.
Fix 2 - September 2014 - I kept it all!  I explained my growing belly and asked if maternity clothes were available.  I was sent a pair of maternity pants, a skirt, a cardigan, and two very roomy sweaters. These were my favorite pieces throughout my pregnancy.
Fix 3 - December 2014 - I returned it all.  This fix was a huge flop.  I was in the middle of my pregnancy and wanted some holiday dresses.  I don't know any pregnant women that want to overspend on maternity clothes, and the dresses they sent were out of my budget.  I was sad that my budget wasn't taken into consideration, but I wasn't ready to give up though.
Fix 4 - April 2015 - I took a hiatus after the dress incident because I knew I was limiting my spending for the rest of my pregnancy and making due with what I had.  I requested a new box right after baby boy was born.  I only kept one top.  I wasn't happy with the jeans they sent and did really like another shirt that had a flaw in the design.  Not the best box.
Fix 5 - June 2015 - I almost quit after this fix.  I was so upset with the entire box.  I sent it back, it was terrible.  Nothing resembled anything from my requests.  There was one top that was slightly similar to something I had pinned, but it had been pinned for so long that I had forgotten about it.

How I fixed this - I asked to instantly reschedule for a new fix. Stitch Fix was great about this and applied my $20 shopping fee to the new box.  I deleted everything from my Pinterest page and pinned only 15 pins.  If I wasn't thrilled about the look, I didn't pin it.  I left detailed notes for my stylist.

Fix 6 - June 2015- I loved all of it!  My personalized note from my stylist really told me that she looked at my Pinterest. She sent four styles very similar to my pins and one surprise try on. It wasn't my favorite, but I kept it for the discount.  Wouldn't you know, that's the one that gets the most compliments.  Maybe, I have terrible style...
 Fix 7 - November 2015 - Another winner!  I'm keeping it all again.  I put some time between boxes to account for the new season, and mostly because I'm still not quite where I want to be with my body after baby boy.  However once again, I deleted everything from my Pinterest.  All summer items disappeared.  I gave detailed notes about wanting a new pair of work pants and some new blouses that could go under sweaters to look polished and professional at school. I also really wanted another asymmetrical zip cardigan, and got it! Once again I loved all but one piece.  I felt that the gray sweater was a bit too bulky on me, but it was cheaper to keep that last piece with the discount. My husband calls this "shopping math."  I'm pretty good at it.  Today I threw the bulky sweater on over a tank top and lounged in yoga pants.  It might just be my new favorite weekend sweater, it's quite soft.

Playing dress-up with my new clothes is probably my favorite thing:

I think the best part is I get excited about clothes again!  Once I've updated my note for my stylist for the 100th time and gotten the email that my Fix shipped, I can't wait for the package to come.

So, if you've had some bad Fixes in the past and you're ready to throw in the towel, you may need to reevaluate what you are asking for.  If you are asking a stylist to sift through 500 pins on a style board, she's not going to know exactly what you want and something that you pinned last winter may not be what you want this winter.  Clean out your Pinterest closet.  That has proven to be gold for me. Also, as your body and tastes change, update your style profile.

Comment below if you have any other tips for winning Fixes!  Click here, or click my picture if you want to try Stitch Fix, or if you are ready to give them another chance.

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